Dash Stick Non Stick Pad

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Product Description

The Dash Stick

Back in stock! Now in black or clear styles

Perfect RV Accessory – The Dash Stick Non Slip Pad

Prevent slipping and sliding inside your RV with the Dash Stick non-slip mat.

Stick with the Dash Stick!!!

Dash Stick is the perfect accessory for inside your vehicle. Place the DashStick Anti-Slip pad on your dashboard and keep your mobile phone, tablet, GPS unit, Sunglasses, Coins, Keys, Pens, etc. safe while you drive.

They will not slide! They make no mess, no marks and can be removed by just peeling off. Yet they can hold even a GPS unit.

Use in your RV, car, truck or all the above!

The Dash Stick is washable, removable, and reusable.

Installs in just seconds; no tools or glue needed.

Contains no magnets, no adhesives; leaves no sticky or tacky residue.

It’s Simple to Use

Before using the Dash Stick Anti-Slip pad, be sure to thoroughly clean your dashboard. (Reference your vehicle owner’s manual for safe cleaning agents.) If the DashStick pad does not stick to the dashboard right away, allow the pad to sit on the dashboard for 24 hours before placing objects directly on it.

Care for the Dash Stick Anti-Slip pad is simple, it may be gently washed with soap and water and patted dry when dirty.

We recommend using the Dash Stick Anti-Slip pad on top of your dashboard, because this is where it works best.

We recommend removing the DashStick pad from the dashboard if it will be exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for an extended period of time as this may limit the life of the Dash Stick Non Slip pad.

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Never place your pad on or near airbags as this may cause serious injury.